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Media relations and social media can be two very cost-effective tools to increase your brands visibility and assist in attracting new customers and clients.


Media exposure is not just for people who like to see themselves in the limelight. A feature or interview appearing in a daily newspaper, online website or broadcast outlet adds third-party credibility to a business.


The Kim Adams Production team helps a business identify its newsworthy elements, build key messages, prepare leadership for interviews and pursue and secure media opportunities that reach the right audience, then we we advise on how to leverage those earned media placements further.


A few tangible benefits of media relations can include:


  • Increased top-of-mind awareness among your target audience, resulting in business when he client is ready to "buy” and in the right stage of the sales funnel.

  • Enhanced reputation, including in your industry sector. If you've been written up or used as a resource by a media outlet; you "must be legit."

  • The ability to secure business funding.

  • Increased employee pride.

  • Improved SEO.

  • Ready-made social media content Creation and delivery of timely social media content.

  • Additional media exposure.


Our social experts can help you build an integrated approach, melding media relations, marketing and social media tactics to reach your customers.



  • Identify the social media channels where your brand should have a presence (LinkedIn,Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, and more).

  • Create a social media master plan to keep audiences engaged with fresh content daily.

  • Develop cross-channel branding.

  • Tailor page content cadence to hard data tied to actions of your fans and friends.

  • Develop advertising plans to reach new business prospects and customers.

  • Create simple, yet impactful content for white board video, video interviews, shorts and memes.

  • Offer online community moderation and management services.

  • Provide monthly reports on social media performance by channel.

  • Provide customized seminars to businesses of all sizes, including how personal use can positively impact an organization as well as how to manage existing corporate channels.


Media & Social Relations

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